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I am a longtime resident and now grandmother from Sanbornton running for State Representative from Belknap County District 3, which encompasses Sanbornton and Tilton. I am a Supervisor of the Checklist in Sanbornton, and have never considered running for another position until this year. I'm not a politician and I don't relish campaigning, but am running to offer representation which is more in tune with voters than the present Legislature. Most of all I feel passionate about doing whatever I can to ensure the right kind of future for my children and grandchildren...and our community.

After graduating from college in 1968, I worked for a number of years at Spaulding Youth Center in Northfield, and later at New Hampton School in New Hampton. I am now retired. If elected as a State Representative I will give it my all.

I came of age during a time of action on civil rights, voting rights, women's rights, and environmental protection. It was also a time of war protests and of the war on poverty. Change was in the air, and I anticipated more action to improve the lives of all Americans. Marriage equality heartened me. I continued to be optimistic about our future for awhile, but hope faded. Fast forward to current times and I am deeply concerned. Our Legislature is now controlled by a radical group who don't seem to respect our values of community, cooperation and concern for one another. Instead their goal is to dismantle our institutions and leave our citizens to their own devices, without the support they deserve.

Actions taken in the last session have had serious negative consequences for our communities and our state. If we are to thrive we need new representation. That is why I am running for office. If elected, I will work to reinstate and expand protections for all our citizens and to uphold the institutions that serve to build community, freedom and equality. 

I am a woman, a wife, a mother and grandmother. Besides working, most of my life has centered around home, and I have also enjoyed being part of the community. I was very involved with the UU Church in Franklin, and served as the Treasurer for 10 years. I also served on the board of Spaulding Youth Center.

My interests and hobbies include cross country skiing, gardening, walking in the woods, baking bread, reading and knitting. Spending time with family and friends nourishes me. 










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